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how to become a personal chef

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Personal Chefs Needed

Hiring a personal chef should be as common as hiring a housekeeper.

It's my goal to make hiring a personal chef as common as hiring a housekeeper. Having fresh meals for the family is as important and maintaining a clean home.

Google Trends

There is an increasingly high demand for personal chefs 2020 and beyond, especially as Americans become more aware of the importance in eating whole foods.

Using the tool Google Trends to analyze "personal chef near me" in America (red) over the past 10 years, you can see the demand is greatly increasing. The search "how to become a personal chef" (blue) has steadily flatlined. 

High Demand for Personal Chefs

These are the steps to becoming a personal chef.

  There is great demand for personal chefs. A culinary graduate with 10 years of experience versus a passionate home cook is going to have different clients and pricing for their services. There is demand for both kinds of chefs.  


welcome Chef!

Your friends are always telling you that you're a great cook.  You dream of opening your own restaurant, but lack the cash or business knowledge. Perhaps instead you're looking for a side hustle to supplement your income.

The personal chef profession is the perfect fit. You can truly start tomorrow. What's stopping you?

Personal Chef Start-Up

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If you're interested in starting or improving your own personal chef business, you're in the right place. If you're looking for personal chef services, visit my business website at Simply-VA.

A Taco Walks into a Bar

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 The bartender says, β€œwe don't serve tacos here!” The taco replies, β€œthat's okay, I just came in for a margarita.” 

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how to become a personal chef

receive "9 Ways to Get New Personal Chef Clients"